A Family Business That Treats You Like Family.

Dent Tires was created by the high-energy husband and wife team of Enrique and Joslyn Dent.

Enrique, a long-time veteran of the tire industry who worked with Goodyear and other major companies, saw the need to provide a resource for commercial truck tires in Central Georgia. He and Joslyn began their business with the idea of providing not just competitive prices for tires, but also exceptional service, so even smaller organizations get the right professional care and attention.

If you’re a large trucking company that needs hundreds of tires each year, Dent Tires can handle your business.

If you’re an owner-operator that just needs one set of tires for your truck, Dent Tires makes sure you get the service and prices you need.

That’s how Enrique, Joslyn, and their team at Dent Tires works. Day in and day out.

But Dent Tires is more. In addition to commercial truck tires, Dent Tires can provide tires for personal vehicles, including automobiles, SUVs, and pickups.

And Dent Tires can do more, offering a variety of other products including oil, lubricants, wheel weights, and other accessories.

It’s all part of the mission Enrique and Joslyn outlined when they created Dent Tires–to listen to customers, adapt to their needs, and deliver the product lines people need, competitively priced and on time.

And they have fun while doing it. They let people into their lives through their series of social media posts, covering everything from the tire industry to entrepreneurial ideas, to the cats that adopted them and became a fixture in their offices.

Get to know Dent Tires. You’ll find new friends–and an invaluable resource for tires and other automotive products.


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