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Clicks and Bricks Podcast Shares the Dent Tires, LLC Success Story; Reveals how a husband-and-wife duo bucked the trend and found commercial success during a pandemic.

The Clicks and Bricks Podcast loves to focus on success stories, which is certainly the case with the latest episode featuring the husband-and-wife team behind Dent Tires. In the episode, the podcast presenters will show how this Atlanta-based couple grew their organization from scratch with a budget of just $300 in cryptocurrency.

The Dent Tires, LLC story is even more impressive when seen against the backdrop of a pandemic and economic shutdown. Since 2018, Enrique and Joslyn Dent persevered through sheer will, hard work and new relationships to achieve a 160% growth rate year over year.

During the podcast, the team will explore the mental, financial, and physical struggles this enterprising dual had to deal with. They’ll explain how they achieved success even though they had no business credit due to a lack of prior experience.

Joslyn and Enrique go the extra mile when dealing with their customers and often provide everyday driving tips to help people save money. Along the way, they’ve become online personalities, bringing a needed slice of humor to their workplace and marketing activities.

While the duo may seem easygoing and have a less stressful approach to business, they are nevertheless fully focused. They realize they need to develop their business to keep pace in an ever-changing environment and be flexible with their product offerings. They are continually searching for innovative ways to service their clientele.

Today, Dent Tires, LLC is a wholesale tire company based in Conyers, GA. It specializes in supplying commercial truck tires of all kinds as well as servicing cars and light trucks.

Clicks and Bricks Podcast is delighted to share such a success story with the broader community.

Watch the episode to see for yourself:

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